About Us

Meet Bill Jaap

My wife and I started our shop with the thought that if we tell the truth, do quality work in a timely fashion, give personalized service and are reasonably priced: the word will spread.

Since 1997 we have been driven largely by word-of-mouth, hence the slogan, “What comes around-goes around.”

We take pride in the belief that when we do good work, it comes back to us.

Good Carma Owner Bill Jaap

The Team

We love our Good Carma family. We couldn’t do it without their hard work and loyalty. Their experience covers decades.

Ashley Neumann

Manager / Lead Service Writer

Chris Toliffson

Service Writer / Shop Keep

Brian Erickson

Master Automotive Technician

Duane Carland

Automotive Technician

Alex Olszewski

Automotive Technician

Andy Bangasser

Automotive Technician


We love hearing from our customers on the quality of our work. Here’s what they’re saying: